Episode Gehrig (4)! Home Opener, Gary Sanchez News, Montgomery Call up.

The fourth installment of The Short Porch Podcast is here and your co-hosts JD Freda and Jared Peterman break down Big Mike’s big home opener (1:10), Gary Sanchez’s injury (3:30), Aaron Judge’s hot start (6:20), Gardner and Ellsbury reunited in the lineup (8:45). ┬áThen ask where Greg Bird hits in the lineup (12:30), apologizes to Chase Headley (13:30), praise Ronald Torreyes (16:10), discuss Chris Carter’s triple (18:30), and the Catching situation (20:40). Next, they discuss the rotation wondering if Pineda has turned the corner (22:50), Jordan Montgomery named the fifth starter (25:20), a story on CC Sabathia and his early success (27:00), Tanaka’s struggles (33:20), Severino’s encouraging start (36:25), the impact of Sanchez’s injury (40:40), discuss the entire bullpen (43:40), CC’s hat change (50:30), JD’s love for Pete Kozma (52:45) and closing statements (55:00).


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