Welcome to the Short Porch Podcast, hosted by JD Freda and Jared Peterman.  The Short Porch Podcast will bring New York Yankees insight from New York Yankee fans, in the form of a free flowing conversation while also having a few common reoccurring brief segments.


Jared Peterman is a junior at La Salle University located in Philadelphia, PA, studying Communication with a focus in journalism and mass media.  Peterman grew up a die hard Yankees fan with his earliest memory coming in the 2000 World Series where he predicted Jose Vizcaino would pinch hit.  Peterman also created a personal sports blog where he shares opinions on professional and collegiate sports.  You can find his work here: https://silencedthecrowdsports.wordpress.com/ His all-time favorite Yankee is non other than Derek Sanderson Jeter.

JD Freda:

JD Freda is a junior currently at Nassau Community College, transferring to Hofstra University, studying Communication with a focus in Journalism. Freda’s earliest Yankee memories were of his grandfather heavily debating with him how much better Joe DiMaggio was than any other baseball player while cruising in the Oldsmobile down River Avenue. Freda has written for Gotham Sports Network and currently works for the Herald Newspaper as a sports reporter working in the field and a columnist. He also has the surest damn hands in the game. Freda’s all time favorite Yankee is Xavier Nady, but Jeter is right there too.



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